...from one craftsman to another!™                         Psalm 150:4-5
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Lifetime Warranty

Artisan Drumworks…

…set for life.

Artisan Drumworks  drum shells  and custom wood hoops are guaranteed for life.   Should you experience any problem due to a manufacture defect, with the exception of normal wear and tear, we will repair or replace the shell (or hoop) for the life of the instrument at no cost to you.

In the unlikely event that your drum(s)  are damaged in shipment, we require that you immediately notify Artisan Drumworks, place the drum(s) back in the original carton, and call the carrier to arrange for pick up.  Your drum(s) must be returned to Artisan Drumworks for examination and repair/ or replacement consideration to be determined by Artisan Drumworks.

Owner is responsible for all shipping charges and insurance associated with a warranty or damage related issue.

Products must be registered when purchased for warranty to be in effect. Please click the button above to register your product(s).