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What People are Saying About Our Drums

7 x 13 Zebrawood & 7.5 x 13 Koa Snare Drums

The drums I got from Artisan Drumworks are a work of art. The Zebrawood and Koa snare drums look good! They have a great sound and work well in any playing style! The Koa was my first choice, but I told Curt the many different styles of music I play and he used his great knowledge of woods.  His choice was right on.  I viewed many custom web sites but I kept coming back to his web site. If you want your dream snare drum
or drum kit you have to check out Curt’s drums. They are a cut above the rest and the best on the planet.

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Jeffrey Johnson

Philidelphia, PA

6 x 14 African Mahogany Stave Snare Drum w/ Custom A. Mahaogany Wood Hoops
Hi Curt,
My name is Matt Baker and I bought an artisan  snare drum from you a little
over a year ago. The drum is amazing! I am inspired every time I use it. The
specs of the drum are 14×6 stave african mahogany shell with mahogany hoops. I
use the snare on all of my jazz gigs. If you would like to see and hear the drum
in action, I can send you some links to some live shows or some studio
recordings. Thanks again for crafting such an incredible instrument. I may have
to get a whole set of artisan drums! -Matt
Matt Baker, Ink The Band
Los Angeles, Ca.

10th Anniversary Tigerwood Drum Set

I just wanted to drop you a note and say WOW!  What a gorgeous set it is to behold, and I’m very impressed by their sound and presence… they truly are functional works of art!   I will be contacting you shortly about ordering a bocote snare as we spoke about a few weeks ago…
Thanks again for the set, and I can say with absolute certainty that I will be lovin’ it for many years to come!”
Rob Hagani
Stamford, CT

6×14 SFZ Copper Snare Drum

“Hi Curt. I received it and played it last night. It was tuned down a little low for me so I tuned it up and it sure can crack. I actually brought it back down a touch and settled in. Very nice snare.” Thanks, Fred

Honduran Rosewood, 6 x 14  (segment snare drum)

“Hi Curt. I brought the Rosewood to a gig with one of my favorite snares this weekend. It was a big place and packed.
I used the Rosewood for the first set and was impressed with the tone. It had great focus and full body. I really enjoyed playing it.
I played it the entire evening. I adjusted the resonant head to my preference, slightly tighter, and the batter side a little tighter as well….
All of that said, great snare. It has a beautiful sound (musical) and I will be using it a lot…”

Fred DePompa
Wellington, Florida

Vintage Classic Maple, 5.5″ x 13″  (one-ply)

“Curt - received the drum Saturday - it is really beautiful workmanship, and sounds great! Thanks very much.”

Tom Mueller
Temple Terrace, Florida, USA

Jatoba, 6.5 x 13″ w/ matching wood hoops (stave snare drum)

“We just recorded the Jatoba snare I bought from you and it sounds amazing.”

Dennis Cham
Hit Productions Inc.
Malkati, Phillippines

Honduran Rosewood Drum Set (14×18,14×14,8×12,6.5×14)honduran-rosewood-kit.jpg

“I received the drums on Nov. 30th as expected. The drums are just gorgeous. Wow! The color and grain are really beautiful and you did such a great job at maintaining uniformity between the staves. There are no radical color or shading changes as I’ve seen on stave kits from other makers and the lines where the staves meet are barely detectable. So it truly looks like a solid shell. I love the single point lugs. And the snare drum is just amazing-looking. The wood hoops are so nice. I love the way they are constructed- very tasteful. The bearing edges and snare beds were also done really well. As a result, all the drums tune evenly with incredible ease. And they just sing! I compared them to my Keller shell kit, my 70’s era Gretsch kit and my 60’s era Gretsch kit. The Rosewood kit clearly had more body and a cleaner, purer tone. These are amazing instruments!”

4 months later…

I hope this email finds you well. I’m enjoying my Honduran rosewood kit so much. It is just an amazing, beautiful sounding instrument with a singing musical resonance that’s hard to describe in words.

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend and we were in the room that has my drums. We were standing on the other side of the room so we weren’t very close to the drums, and we were talking at a pretty normal volume, certainly not loud at all. As we were talking, I kept hearing some kind of echo or tone. When we stopped talking, the echo stopped as well.

We finally realized that it was the drums resonating ever so slightly as we spoke even though we were across the room! I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing how sensitive they are. My other drums don’t exhibit this behavior unless I’m standing close to them and speaking somewhat loudly. Anyway, that was a really cool and interesting discovery. To me, that’s a testament to both the stave-shell construction method as well as your craftsmanship.”

Rick Rivera

Freelance Jazz Musician

Pacifica, California

“These are the most amazing drums!!!  The attack and rebound allow for effortless playing.  The sound of each drum is perfect like none other with maximum resonance.  There is nothing I can compare them to after 40 years of playing.  I can only thank God for leading me to Curt and Artisan Drum Works allowing me the opportunity to experience a truly perfect musical instrument.  They are truly hand crafted inside and out.  Thanks Curt and God bless you!!!”

Prestige Series- African Bubinga (8×12, 13×14ft,15×16ft,17×22,6.5×14)

Phil Keeler, North Carolina

03_500.jpgHey, Curt!  I bought a 6.5×13 African Bubinga stave from you a few years ago.  I
love this snare drum!  I get comments about how good it sounds and how nice it
looks.  It’s pretty much the only snare I use.  Thanks!!

Willie Allemang

Jatoba Snare Drum (7 x 14) Jatoba (7 x 14), French Polish

“I really love the way this drum sounds. It is absolutely beautiful also. Great work. I’ve recently recorded with it and the engineer told me that this is the best snare drum sound he has ever recorded.”

8 months later…

“…this snare is bad to the bone. perfect tone. i wish i could afford a whole kit. do you do any endorsement deals. yeah right, lol. just kidding. you deserve every penny you get for these drums. they sound good bro!!”

Mike Huffman

Freelance Musician

Lubbock, Texas

kingwood-hoops-satin-finish.jpg 13″ Kingwood Snare Drum hoops

“I got them today.BEAUTIFUL :)))!!

It was worth the wait and money. Will take a picture of it and send you soon. The sound became somewhat 3 dimensional if you know what I mean. It was great before, but now the hoops added earthiness and depth to it, not to mention the cross stick sound and playing on the hoop itself. Thanks again and wish you all the best.”

Dimitar Semov

Freelance Musician


Jatoba (5 1/2 x 14)

“I have bought and sold a lot of snare drums in my search for that Kevin Paige (Producer, Songwriter)perfect recording drum. I will definitely be keeping this one! My Artisan has the most even tonal balance of any snare I’ve owned. It’s natural EQ is perfect!”

Kevin Paige (Producer/Songwriter)
Paige Productions Kevin’s Website Memphis, TN

65-x-13-a-bubinga.jpg (6.5 x 13 African Bubinga)

“I played the snare at a rehearsal last night. I could have played all night. It is the most sensitive, easy to play and nice sounding snares I’ve ever played! I think I am in love. You have won me on staves and your craftsmanship is beautiful! Thanks again.”

David Parnell

Brisbane Queensland, Australia


10″ x 15″ Granadillo Symphonic Snare Drum

“I received my drum today. It is great! Fantastic! I am very happy with your work.”

Juan Antonio Minana Osca

Orquesta Sinfonica de Tenerife


Jason Cooper, Memphis Drum Shop, Studio Drum Tech/ Drummer, Memphis, TNAsh Drum Set “The drums tune up immediately! I didn’t have to fight the drums. I just had to play them. Solid craftsmanship and solid sound.”

Jason Cooper
Memphis Drum Shop, Studio Drum Tech/ Drummer

Memphis, TN

Antique African Mahogany (6 1/2 x 13), Vintage Brass, Satin FinishAfrican Mahogany (6 1/2 x 13) “This is by far the most versatile snare drum I have ever played or heard. The 13″ diameter gives you plenty of high-end crack, while the 6.5″ depth provides a punchy low end. The mahogany shell gives me tons of volume but with very musical warmth at the same time. Tuned high or low, the drum has such a pure fundamental tone. The tuning range seems endless! Recording in the studio, you get to really appreciate instruments that can adapt with the needs of the song. My Artisan will be the snare I reach for first. Now if I only had a full kit…”

Jim Barnes
Recording Engineer/Producer
Freelance Drummer
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

White Ash (6 x 13), Vintage Chrome, Satin FinishAsh (6 x 13) “This drum is world class! The clarity and sensitivity are unparalleled. An absolute joy to play and record.”

Jason Cooper
Memphis Drum Shop, Studio Drum Tech/Drummer
Memphis, Tennessee

“This is one of the best, if not the best, snare drums I have ever played! Tons of crack and tons of bottom -end! The entire band commented on how great it sounded.”

White Ash Drum Set

John Michel (pictured with his White Ash Artisan Drumworks studio kit)
Session Ace, John Oates (Take the Wheel, and Hall & Oates)

Aspen, Colorado Take the Wheel Website

African Bubinga (6.5 x 14)African Bubinga (6.5 x 14), matching wood hoops

“I received my drum today and it is wonderful! It’s a dream. I love the feel of it. Playing it is effortless. The sticks seem to sink into the drum like butter and the rimshot is just right. Not too aggressive and beautifully woody. The sound of this drum has breadth and isn’t too dry. It’s warm and earthy. This is a beautiful drum and the response is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. The whole thing is a thrill! I have a few high end metal and wood snares that I should think I will not have to use anymore. Again, thank you and well done!”


Newport Victoria, Australia

Artisan’s “on Vinyl”

(when asked to use his recordings)Ash Drum Set

“Absolutely!!!!! Please do!!! By the way your drums sound amazing! I love
great instruments. You guys got a good thing going. God bless you man.”

Jeremy Horn

Recording Artist

Memphis, TN

Koa Koa (7 x 13) “I played this drum at a rock gig recently. I have played and own the best, including Sonor. This is a sensitive drum. And the rim shot is as good as any I have ever played!”

Russell Scarborough

Free-lance drummer
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Lacewood  (6Lacewood (6 x 13) “The workmanship is flawless! Truly a unique snare sound.”

Ron Hotchkiss

Free-lance drummer, drum collector
Memphis, Tennessee

“I’ve been playing the drums for 47 years.  When I received my 6.5 x 13 snare I was amazed at the quality of constructiuon.  The African Bubinga is beautiful and I’ve seen stave drums before(and actually own one now from another company).  The staves are assembled so well and flawlessly that i thought it was a plywood shell. THEN I played it!  What a nice pop with great depth.  I don’t have to work as hard playing this drum, either.  I love it and I’ll probably be calling soon about getting a full kit.”

Willie Allemang

Cherry Drum Set in Vintage Brass, Iol/Wax Finish Vintage Cherry Drum Set “I play a set of Artisan Drumworks drums made from Cherry. Not only are they great looking, they sound unreal! I’ve also had the pleasure of trying out several snares by Artisan. Each one is incredibly distinctive and original. If you want to be an individual, Artisan Drumworks is the way to go.”

Timmy Jones
Free-lance drummer

Memphis, TN

Cherry Tom Toms“The Artisan drums were custom built for our church. I am the Instrumental Music Minister of a 55- piece orchestra. In my over 22 years with Bellevue, this is the finest set of drums we have ever had! Everyone has been more than pleased with the look andsound of these drums. They are truly instruments worthy of praising the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! “Praise him with the cymbals… let everything that has breath praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150)”

Rev. Carter Threlkeld
Minister of Instrumental Music

Bellevue Baptist Church
Memphis, Tennessee

Jatoba (5 1/2 x 14), Black Nickel, Satin FinishJatoba (5 1/2 x 14)

I’ve played several custom made drum sets over the years, and Artisan Drums are by far the best I’ve seen. These drums sound as good or better than any high-end drums on the market today. As far as looks go, the Artisans are absolutely stunning. Curt is a true artist and a meticulous craftsman. Anyone looking to own a serious set of drums must check out a set of Artisan drums.”

Steve Crady
U.S. Navy Music Program

Chicago, Illinois

5 1/2? x 14? African Bubinga, matching hoops, Oil/Wax, Black Chrome “…It is a beautiful piece of art. The sound is immediately magnificent, and promises to only improve over time. The definition is excellent. All ghost notes are discernable. The snare seems to intuitively adapt to different styles of music.”

Brian Aret

Queens College, New York

African Bubinga Drum Set

African Bubinga Drum Set “… the toms are warm and centered. And that bass drum is massive! Unbelievably huge!”

Edward Dickenson Drum student

Bahalia, Mississippi

7 Sampled Snare Drums on “Sounds” Page

“…man I thought we’d get one or two, but they all sound great!”

Rob Crockett
Sound Engineer/Producer, Puddin Truck Studio
Shelby Forest, Tennessee
7 recorded Snare Drums

Artisan’s “on Vinyl”

(when asked to use his recordings)

“Absolutely!!!!! Please do!!! By the way your drums sound amazing! I love
great instruments. You guys got a good thing going. God bless you man.”

Jeremy Horn

Recording Artist

Memphis, TN

Received the drums, and got them set up yesterday. They look
great, and sound even better. Beautiful craftsmanship and well
worth the wait. Thanks for the extra snare.”
Ed Giangiorgi
Lake Forest, IL