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"Sforzando" Snare Drums

"Sforzando" Snare Drums

Sforzando snare drums feature a segment-type shell made from blocks of wood which are glued up as rings that are staggered to create strength and a butcher block appearance. and machined to precision (.005" tolerances!)

Sforzando snare drums exhibit exceptional wood tone, clear upper harmonics, and a nice blend of focus and depth to the overall sound. Segment snares are available in a number of domestic and exotic wood species. A variety of custom options can be selected to personalize your drum.

Standard options are:

* Your choice of domestic species including Hard Rock Maple, Birch, Swamp Ash, Black Cherry, Black Walnut, and Oak. Exotic wood species are also available as a custom option seen below.

* Hand-rubbed oil/wax finish
* 3.0 mm triple flange super hoops
* Remo Ambassador drum heads
* Classic tube lugs
* Trick strainer and butt
*16 strand German snare wires
*Humes & Berg Tuxedo bag
* Lifetime warranty

Click on Custom Options to customize your drum.

Price: $1,075.00

Exotic Wood Species (snare drums)

Exotic Wood Species (snare drums)

Use this option in combination with your Snare Drum purchase to add a custom Exotic Wood Species. Exotics include African Bubinga, Leopardwood, Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), African Mahogany, Tigerwood, and Zebrawood.
Premium Exotic: Honduran Rosewood.

(There is no need to select from the domestic wood species list when ordering an exotic on this page).

Price: $75.00

Power Piccolo/ Ballad Snare sizes

Power Piccolo/ Ballad Snare sizes

Select this custom option for increased depth, body and punch to your custom snare drum!

Price: $75.00

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