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"SuperSonic" Snare Drums

"SuperSonic" Snare Drums

This exciting new series of snare drums are made out of solid African Mahogany or African Bubinga, both proven performers as tone woods for snare drums. They are stave-designed shells, much like our Session King series. However, SuperSonic snare drums feature the addition of a Designer Ply (finish ply). This outer ply serves as a decorative veneer, which creates a more conventional appearance to the drum. It also allows you the opportunity to fully customize the aesthetics of your SuperSonic snare drum. Designer Ply veneers are available in literally hundreds of species! You get the sound advantages of a stave-designed shell, with the added beauty of virtually any wood species available on the planet. See our Designer Ply swatches to view a few examples on our Homepage located on the top tool bar. If you don't see what you like, contact us for the availability of other Designer Ply options.

SuperSonic series key features are:

* Solid wood, stave shell design
* Hand-rubbed oil & wax finish
* 3.0 mm triple flanged Super Hoops
* Classic tube lugs
* DW Mag or Trick Percussion strainer
* German snare wires
* Remo Ambassador / SA heads
* Complimentary Humes & Berg Tuxedo bag
* Lifetime warranty
*** Custom shell and hardware finishes are available as upgrades***



Price: $1,200.00

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