...from one craftsman to another!™                         Psalm 150:4-5
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6.5 x 13 African Mahogany Snare

“I’m still loving the drum! I get compliments on it all the
time, both when I am playing live and when people listen to my recordings.
I’ve been getting a great musical sustain to the drum that just doesn’t
happen with lesser quality drums. Like I’ve said before, the tuning range
is huge!
Antique African Mahogany (6 ½ x 13), Vintage Brass, Satin Finish

I’ve got several clips I would love to send. I did a country demo a few
months ago where the snare had to sound great and it came through big. ”

Jim Barnes

Recording Engineer/ Producer

 Mahogany Snare 1: Play Now

 Mahogany snare 2: Play Now

 Mahogany snare 6: Play Now

 Mahogany snare 5: Play Now

 Mahogany snare 4: Play Now