...from one craftsman to another!™                         Psalm 150:4-5
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Artisan Drumworks offers five distinct finishes to enhance the beauty and originailty of your snare drum or drum set. We also offer dyes to add color to lighter hardwood species if desired. Hand rubbed Oil/Wax finishes come standard on all of our drums. If another finish type is desired, this is added as a custom option. Below are the five finish types offered:

  • Hand Rubbed Oil/Wax (natural)
  • Natural Satin (soft sheen)
  • Silky Satin Lacquer (smooth, silky, satin sheen)
  • French Polish Hybrid (glossy, warm glow)
  • High Gloss Lacquer (deep gloss))
  • Dyes (custom colors available)

Hand Rubbed ZebrawoodOil/Wax (natural)

This finish offers the most natural appearance and has the least amount of actual finish material on the shell. We use a proprietary blend of danish oil to “pop” or highlight the figure in the wood. After the danish oil application, a special blend of finishing wax made specifically for oil finishes is applied followed by a light hand buffing of the shell. Hand rubbed Oil/Wax finishes impart a natural, lustrous feel with a no fuss maintenance program. A light coat of quality furniture wax periodically is all that is needed.

Natural Lacewood Satin ( soft sheen) $65.00

Natural Satin finishes are our most popular finish. In addition to sealing the wood with a proprietary blend of danish oil, we apply 3 topcoats of a very durable satin lacquer/urethane hybrid finish designed to define the natural, warm character of your drum shell(s) and give increased protection compared to traditional lacquer. After a curing cycle, we hand apply a very thin coat of satin finishing wax. Natural Satin is a very durable, natural looking finish with a satiny glow. A gentle wiping with a dry cotton cloth is all that is needed to maintain this beautiful finish.


Silky Satin Lacquer (smooth,silky, satin sheen) $90.00

The most recent addition to our finishing arsenal, Silky Satin Lacquer is for those who want the glass smooth finish of a high gloss lacquer but with a lower level sheen, imparting a more natural appearance. This finish exhibits a silky to the touch feel that is also rich, warm, and virtually maintenance free. Silky Satin Lacquer is a hybrid lacquer/ urethane finish which offers a higher degree of durability than traditional lacquer finishes. Another Artisan Drumworks favorite and exclusive. (pictures coming soon!)



French Polish Hybrid (warm, glossy glow) $165.00

French Polishing is one of the oldest craftsman finishes known to man. It is also used in high end acoustic guitar manufacture and stringed instruments due to it’s acoustic properties and ease of repair.

The process involves filling of the pores to create a level surface utilizing our proprietary process that enhances the natural appearance and “figure” in the wood. Then, shellac is “padded” on with multiple thin layers by hand to “body- up” the finish.   Finally, we apply a couple of thin protective top coats of a hybrid urethane finish to increase durability, without effecting tonal properties of the shell.

Due to the nature of shellac, this finish produces warmth unparalleled by any other finishing process and is an Artisan favorite. Our new Hybrid version offers an increased level of protection to this beautiful finishing process.

High Quilted MapleGloss Lacquer (deep gloss) $125.00

Our gloss finishes are simply outstanding! We use a specially formulated gloss lacquer specifically designed for acoustic instruments and with increased durability over traditional lacquers. Artisan Drumworks’ High Gloss Lacquer finish exhibits a deep, wet appearance identical to those used on high end guitars and pianos. Additionally, we use the same buffing process that The Gibson Guitar Factory and other high end guitar manufacturers use to create their gloss finishes. If you want the “wet”, deep gloss appearance, this is the finish of choice.

Note: Please do not use any abrasive materials or strong chemicals on your drum(s). Usually a dry cloth is all that is needed. Occasionally a light waxing or furniture polish can be used. All of our shells and finishes are guaranteed. Please see our Lifetime Warranty page for further details.


You may prefer color added to lighter woods such as Maple, Birch, Ash, Oak, and Beech. Our dyes do not obscure the natural grain texture, but actually enhance the beauty and figure in the wood. Many colors are available. We can custom mix colors as well. Please contact us with your particular needs.