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African Bubinga Snare (Guibourtia demeusei)


“…it has endless power and an almost metal like
ring… I just love the sound of it!”

Nicolas Kristen
Zurich, Switzerland

African Bubinga, otherwise known as African Rosewood, originates from Tropical West Africa, Cameroon, and Gabon. Bubinga is a hard, heavy wood with characteristics similar to rosewoods. Color and density varies by species, but the heartwood is typically medium reddish brown or purplish brown with darker veining.

African Bubinga is one of six wood species that we have determined to be our best tonewoods. This wood species is gaining a great measure of popularity among many drum manufacturers because of its tonal properties as well as its sheer beauty. More of our snare drums and drum sets are crafted from this species than any other species by far. For snare drums and drum sets, African Bubinga has all the right proportions of frequency spectrums and resonance to create one of the finest drums you will ever play.

Tonal Properties: deep, pronounced lows, articulate high-mids, excellent projection.

Featured Snare Drum: $1,040.00

•Stave shell design, 6 ½ x 14
• Artisan Drumworks solid brass hexlugs in shiny nickel
• 45 degree bearing edges with a slight counter cut, slightly rounded
• Custom Jatoba wood hoops in satin lacquer
• Trick 3-way strainer and butt plate
• German snare wires
• Remo Vintage Emperor batter side / Ambassador SA snare side
• French Polish Hybrid finish, Vintage Amber (shell)
• Lifetime Warranty
• Artisan Pro 1 Bag