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Prestige Series - Leopardwood



“Sunbeam”, by Corrin Campbell and the Election

“Apologize” re-recorded by Corrin Campbell and the Election

Tony Corbett, drums

Prestige Series drums represent the flagship of our company. These drums are crafted from solid pieces of hardwood that are precisely mitered and edge glued. We use a proprietary technique to ensure strength and a practically seamless appearance. Each drum shell is turned on a lathe to within .005″ (about the thickness of a piece of paper) of being perfectly round. This is extremely important for ease of tuning and our quality control maintains this high standard in every drum we make. We guarantee our shells for life.

Leopardwood is one of six wood species that is used in this product line. This species of exotic woods is very stunning in appearance. The “fleck” figuring exhibited in Leopardwood is produced by performing a radial cut of the log that reveals the spotted-like texture. Leopardwood is an exotic wood species that we have identified as an exceptional tone-wood.

The porosity and weight of this wood lends itself very well to our stave designed drums. The result is a very warm, full and rich, clean resonance. Leopardwood combines all the best warm, dark qualities of Cherry and Mahogany with the clean attack and roundness of Maple.

Tonal properties:  warm midrange, slightly dark, resonant.

Leopardwood drum set featured with custom options:  $5,205.00

(8×10, 9×12, 14×14, 16×20, 5.5×14)

  • Natural Satin Lacquer finish
  • Artisan Hexlugs in Black Nickel
  • Trick Helical Piston Drive Strainer
  • RIMS-type Mounts (optional)
  • Triple Flange Hoops
  • Artisan Pro 1 Bags
  • Lifetime Warranty