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Vintage Classic - Curly Black Cherry One-Ply Drum Set

One ply shells have been manufactured for years and have proven to be favorites among many professional players.  Vintage Classics series drums are created from solid planks of wood that are steam bent, and placed in a form for a curing period. After the cure-cycle is complete, the shells are precision lathed to our  specifications, and glue-in reinforcement rings are added. Shells are then sanded, finished, and finally drilled for hardware. Several finish, hardware, plating, and other custom options are available. Bearing edges are also cut and profiled per request to fine-tune to your specific tone preference.

Vintage Classics are available in a variety of domestic and exotic wood species.  Please contact us for guidance on your tone preference.  Vintage Classics are backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Drum Set Shown with custom options: $4,785.00

  • Solid (one-ply) Curly Black Cherry (18 x22, 9×12, 13×14, 15×16, 6×14)
  • Silky Satin Lacquer finish (custom option $365)
  • Die- cast hoops (custom option $240)
  • Artisan Isolation Mounts (A.I.M.) [Patent Pending]
  • Artisan Hexlugs
  • Chrome hardware finish
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Artisan Pro 1 Bags