...from one craftsman to another!™                         Psalm 150:4-5
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The Symphonia™ (orchestral)

The SymphoniaSymphonic Series: (6.5 x 14 Cocobolo) $1600.00

Artisan Drumworks is proud to present the Flagship model of our symphonic series snare drums: The Symphonia. This exquisite instrument is handcrafted out of solid Cocobolo (Dalbergia Retusa). A true tropical rosewood, this wood species is considered by some to be the most attractive in the world. Cocobolo is widely used among luthiers in acoustic guitar making genuine calfskin headsnot only for it’s beauty, but mainly for it’s rich tone and sustain.

Cocobolo trees grow in the west coast region of Central America. Wood grain varies in color from rich red to an attractive variegated appearance of yellow, orange, and red streaks which matures upon exposure to light. Over time this process produces a mellow orange/ red color. Cocobolo is very dense and has a fine, uniform texture. It is one of the most resonant wood species we have worked with to date. In fact, we use Cocobolo in our demonstrations to contrast the difference between solid wood (stave shell design) and ply wood (ply shell design) during our “tap test” display.

snare wiresThe Symphonia comes outfitted with cable, heavy nylon, standard wires, and genuine calf skin heads ( batter and snare side). This combination of features, coupled with this incredible “tone wood,” affords the musician multiple sonic textures and a warm, beautiful tone that is unparalleled.

“I received my drum today. It is great! Fantastic! I am very happy with your work.”

Juan Antonio Minana Osca

Orquesta Sinfonica de Tenerife


The Symphonia The Symphonia (6.5 x 14, Cocobolo, gloss finish)

Companion (6×13) $1200.00

We are also pleased to offer this snare drum as a companion to The Symphonia , or as a stand alone addition to your palette of instruments. This 6×13 Honduran Rosewood drum is fitted with Remo Renaissance heads, single flange vintage hoops, Trick Percussion’s helical piston drive strainer, Puresound snare wires, and finished with Oil/Wax. Designed to compliment musical settings where a crisp and delicate texture is needed, this drum exhibits increased sensitivity and pure rosewood tone combined with a tinge of dryness. Our stave shell design delivers a focused and controlled sound that Artisan Drumworks has become known for. Our concept is epitomized in this instrument.

Symphonia Companion


Symphonia/ Companion Duo:  $2500.00

Artisan… from one craftsman to another.