...from one craftsman to another!™                         Psalm 150:4-5
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Fortissimo™ Vented Snares

Jatoba (6.5 x 13), vented, matching wood hoopsIn a constant effort to offer our customers “cutting edge” instruments, we introduce Artisan Drumworks’ Fortissimo vented snare drums.  This is an exciting  offering from our shop.  A massive 1″ thick drum shell, 3/8″ spline reinforced staves, and large 2 1/2″ vents.  This configuration makes for a very loud drum, wRaw Jatoba shell w/ maple splinesith a controlled, dry tone.  Very well suited to the heavier side of music, Rock & Roll players really appreciate what these drums have to offer.  Available in your choice of wood, with or without contrasting splines.  Shell thickness customization available.

Fortissimo: $1125.00

Exotic: 1250.00

Premium Exotic:  Priced per request

“… I have never seen craftsmanship as remarkable. The details and quality just blow me away!”

Anthony Fox

Denver, Colorado