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Birdseye Maple (Acer Suchrum)


“Curt - received the drum Saturday - it is really beautiful workmanship, and sounds great! Thanks very much.”

Tom Mueller
Temple Terrace, Florida, USA

Birdseye Maple occurs primarily in Sugar Maple. The Latin name for Sugar Maple is Acer Suchrum. Sugar Maple is also called Hard Maple and Rock Maple.

Birdseye Maple is a very hard wood with divergent grain structure caused by the presence of the “birdseyes.” It is one of the most rare wood species on the planet and has a very distinctive pattern that looks like tiny, swirling eyes disrupting the smooth lines of the grain. Birdseye Maple isn’t a variety or species of maple, but rather a phenomenon that occurs within several kinds of trees due to an unknown cause. Some suggest that this is the result of a fungal or viral infection, genetic mutation, bird pecking, climate change, soil conditions, growth history, or some other element. Genetics are most commonly thought to be the reason for the small “birdseyes.”

The drum featured is a highly figured, and very rare example of Birdseye Maple. It is crafted from a single plank of wood, steam bent, with glue-in reinforcement rings added. The drum features our solid brass, hexagonal single point lugs in chrome. In addition to our single point lugs (hexagonal and round), we also offer two point tube lugs with hexagonal or round lug heads, and single point tube lugs in either style. All of our lugs are solid brass, designed by Artisan Drumworks, and are manufactured and plated in the U.S.A. They are available in a number of plated finishes including chrome, nickel, satin nickel, black nickel, and lacquered brass. Other custom options such as several domestic and exotic wood species, custom wood hoops, and a variety of finish types are available.

Tonal Properties: well-balanced low-end frequency, focussed midrange, excellent high-end attack.

Featured Snare Drum: $990.00

• Solid (one ply) Birdseye Maple shell, 5 x 13

**Intense and rare Birdseye figuring
• Artisan Drumworks solid brass hexlugs in chrome
• 45 degree bearing edges with a slight counter cut, slightly rounded
• Die-cast hoops in chrome
• Trick 3-way strainer and butt plate
• German snare wires
• Remo CS Rev. Dot batter side / Ambassador SA snare side
• Mirror Gloss Finish
• Lifetime Warranty
• Artisan Pro 1 Bag