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Honduran Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii)


“Hi Curt. I brought the Rosewood to a gig with one of my favorite snares this weekend. It was a big place and packed.
I used the Rosewood for the first set and was impressed with the tone. It had great focus and full body. I really enjoyed playing it.
I played it the entire evening. I adjusted the resonant head to my preference, slightly tighter, and the batter side a little tighter as well….
All of that said, great snare. It has a beautiful sound (musical) and I will be using it a lot…”

Fred DePompa
Wellington, Florida

Honduran Rosewood grows exclusively in Belize (British Honduras), occurring in fairly large patches along rivers but also on inter-river and drier areas mostly between the Sarstoon and Monkey Rivers. Honduran Rosewood is typically pinkish brown to purple with alternating dark and light zones forming a very attractive figure, with a medium to rather fine grain. Denser than Indian rosewood, Honduran rosewood is well known for its tonal properties, being the preferred wood for Marimba bars. It is one of the heaviest of hardwoods. Tonally it compares well to Brazilian rosewood and Cocobolo, producing a well-balanced instrument with great projection, resonance and unsurpassed sensitivity.
The featured drum is made from 48 blocks of Honduran Rosewood, otherwise known as segments. As with our stave designed shells and solid shells, block (segment) shells are available in a number of domestic and exotic species and can be custom tailored with a variety of custom options. The drum also features our solid brass, single point hex lugs in chrome. In addition to our single point lugs (hexagonal and round), we also offer two point tube lugs with hexagonal or round lug heads, and single point tube lugs in either style. All of our lugs are solid brass, designed by Artisan Drumworks, and are manufactured and plated in the U.S.A. They are available in a number of plated finishes including chrome, nickel, satin nickel, black nickel, and lacquered brass. Other custom options such as custom wood hoops, and a variety of finish types are available.

Tonal Properties: outstanding resonance, excellent frequency balance, very musical and responsive.

Featured Snare Drum: $915.00

• Block (segment) Honduran Rosewood shell, 6 ½ x 14
• Artisan Drumworks solid brass hexlugs in chrome
• 45 degree bearing edges with a slight counter cut, slightly rounded
• Die-cast hoops in chrome
• DF strainer and butt plate
• Pure Sound snare wires
• Remo Vintage Emperor batter side / Ambassador SA snare side
• Natural Satin Lacquer
• Lifetime Warranty
• Artisan Pro 1 Bag